Every once in a while, we like to share what we’ve been up to, including how our research engagements have helped our clients achieve their business goals and the lessons learned. This case study highlights W5’s approach to creating global profiles for PC gamers for a world wide computer technology manufacturer.


W5 conducted a quantitative survey across several countries to identify and define shared behaviors, attitudes, and needs among PC gamers. This study demonstrates how exploring an audience at a global level can uncover both similarities and nuances among audience members and, ultimately, reveal more effective means of reaching different members of the same target audience.


A global computer technology company wanted to understand PC gamers and how PC gaming products can be better marketed to them. A foundational profile of PC gamers in select countries was desired to improve the client’s messaging strategy. Additionally, the client sought learning around console and PC usage to strengthen the product pipeline.


W5 conducted a comprehensive consumer profiling survey in the U.S., PRC (China), and Germany among a broad market of global gamers. Beyond demographics and category behaviors, the research was customized to assess gaming habits, device, console, and other product preferences to assess unmet needs and refine their profile based on category-relevant psychographics and lifestyles.


Informed by research insights, W5 presented robust profiles of PC gamers in each market, including demographic and detailed category behavior descriptors, but more importantly, key needs, desires, and motivations for category behaviors and attitudes, and rationale for preferences. The research revealed compelling commonalities and differences by market, with strategic recommendations around communications and product configuration needs.

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