What’s next for the Smart Kitchen?

At W5, we’ve been conducting a great deal of research in the grocery category with an array of clients – grocery retailers, CPG companies, advertising agencies, food manufacturers and technology providers. The grocery category is changing rapidly, and there’s pressure like never before for brands to provide an unforgettable consumer experience. When you factor in millennials’ obsessions with food, technology and preferences for convenience, brands in the category have a lot to digest!

Take a look at the rise of smart kitchens. This interactive kitchen from AdWeek showcases some surprising statistics about the use of technology and apps in kitchens. Did you know 79% of millennials say they like to cook, and more than half do so with a mobile device in hand?

It’s critical for brands who have a role in the grocery category to embrace what’s next for the smart kitchen in order to be successful with millennials. Does your brand have a pulse on the what’s next for the smart kitchen? Feel free to reach out to W5 to learn more about our expertise conducting custom marketing research in the grocery category.

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