Google Goggles

Google was in the news yesterday afternoon as they’ve added real-time search results. So now you get the latest Facebook and Twitter news along with CNN and other sources. While that’s cool, the other part of their announcements yesterday is even cooler.  For those of you with Android phones, you can now download Google Goggles. What is it? It’s a means of searching via images. So instead of typing, you take a picture of the object/business/art/brand/business card/etc. and Google returns results based on that.  Check out the video from the engineering team:


So far it’s been 75% to 85% correct for me, not bad for the first version of the software. One of the coolest and most useful things I’ve discovered so far is the ability to instantly capture information off of a business card and dump it into my Google Contacts. Very cool stuff and another point of differentiation for Android phones over other smartphones.

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