Toshiba TEC Hybrid Fitting System

I hate the mall. I love shopping but absolutely hate the mall. There are so many people and I get very anxious. I also hate trying on clothes. It’s time consuming and tiring especially when you grab the wrong sizes and have to go back and forth, over and over. I’m an online shopper to the core. But there are consequences to online shopping. Unless I’ve bought the exact same pair of jeans at the store, how will I know if it fits? If it doesn’t, I’m going to have to pay shipping to send it back and most likely shipping for the exchange. Which makes me very excited for this new possibility…

Recently at the  Retail Expo in Tokyo, Toshiba TEC showcased their new virtual dressing room, the Hybrid Fitting System. Using a camera, people can see items available in the store on their own bodies. Like the Kinect, all users have to do is wave their hand to switch products or colors to see what they like best. Not only can you check yourself out while shopping, you can see the prices and sizes that you’d need when you purchase the items. On top of that, it gives suggestions of items you may like based on what you’re trying on. It’s like my own personal fashion guru. How handy is that!?

This could change the world of retail in my opinion. The possibilities are endless. This can go to remote locations where people don’t have the option to go to the stores themselves. It could work for people like me who just don’t want to go to the stores or those who don’t have the time before the stores close. Even better, this can even work for those with disabilities who cannot normally have the in-store shopping experience.

I think that Toshiba TEC has pushed  augmented reality to a new level which can connect to a lot of people across the globe. I am excited to find out which other companies will jump on this idea.

The video below shows the Hybrid Fitting System in action at the Tokyo Retail Expo. Enjoy!


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