Two Twists on Search

I’ve tripped across two interesting twists on search engines this week. One is designed to alleviate boredom while the other seems to allow you to ramble through boredom.

The first is Goby, a search engine all about finding new things to do with your free time.  According to the Mashable article about Goby, it will suggest everything from activities to places to stay. So the next time someone says there’s nothing to do, you can try to prove them wrong.

The other is Mystery Google, a site that jumbles up search in a new way. Instead of showing you the results of what you just searched for, it shows you what the previous person searched for on Google. I searched the term “baseball playoffs” and got back the results for a search on the word “Olympus.” While not the most efficient search engine, the idea of learning new random things has its time and place.

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