Infographic: Which Allergy Meds Are Winning the Battle for Hearts, Minds and Noses?

W5ers welcomed spring with open arms last week with a company picnic on the patio. While we thoroughly enjoyed the warm weather, light breeze, sweet treats and reggae music, the pollen intruded on our picnic within minutes. “Allergies” and “Pollen” are buzz-words in central North Carolina right now as our cars and porches are covered in yellow-green dust. According to the infographic below, Benadryl and Claritin are capitalizing on this and have pulled the trigger on millions of ad dollars at just the right time. This year’s allergy season is expected to be the worst pollen season in years.


Try a few of these tips to deal with allergies:

1. Clean your washing machine – washing bed linens and other surfaces can get rid of pollen, but washing machines are a breeding ground for allergens like fungi and E. coli

2. Dust regularly – avoid using a feather duster, use wet cloths to dust with or even a wet paper towel and wear gloves while cleaning

3. Protect your home – leave the windows up in your car and shower upon entering your home

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