Developing the 2018 Q Report Infographic

We here at W5 had the honor to partner with the folks at Quirk’s Media  to develop an exciting and engaging way to showcase the results from the annual Q Report. A two-page spread was developed for publishing in this month’s issue of Quirk Magazine. This year the W5 team was challenged to tell a story that focus on internally and external communications while showcasing the report’s data points. It would take a meeting of the minds to develop an idea and execute a clear and concise deliverable.

The roles fleshed out as the following:

Amy: The Wrangler, headed up all communications and project direction

Andy: The Fact Finder, hand-picked data sets with impactful insights

Tristan: The Game Planner, forged a concept using the gathered insights

Adam: The Executer, crafted the illustration and layout

Allison: Eagle-Eyes, made sure I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed

With our powers combined, we were team AATAA—really rolls off the tongue.

Once there was a general idea of the story we were wanted to tell, I got to work developing some mock ups. Simple black and white designs gave the team a general idea of layout, placement, and illustrative narratives. The goal here was to provide quick options and troubleshoot all preliminary details before worrying about style, color, and pinning down the final layout and illustration.

We had our visual direction, our stats, and our story. We then had to strip out the jargon and translate the findings into easily translatable assets. I’d advise always consulting crack wordsmiths like Amy and Tristan to clearly communicate your message.

After a few rounds of tweaks and edits, we arrived at our final image ready for production! We are pleased to share the final infographic below:

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