A Glance at the Past to Inspire the Future

A new year and new decade is upon us! Classic Blue 19-4052 is the Pantone color of the year (just look around), a deep shade that “represents the sky at dusk and what’s ahead.” For the Chinese, it’s the Year of the Rat, representing “the beginning of a new day.”

For W5, it’s a new decade and a time of anticipation―further exploring the world, providing understanding to the intricacies and nuance in human behavior. Given this, we thought we’d take a moment to look back at some 2019 highlights before forging into 2020:

  • One of America’s storied QSR restaurant brands engaged W5 to inform and guide a path forward into the world of plant-based protein options. W5 conducted exploratory qualitative research through a series of dinner discussions groups. These semi-structured, peer-to-peer discussions provided directional consumer insights to expand their menu for customers seeking non-meat options.

  • Partnering with a leading coffee producer available at retail and their advertising agency, W5 developed a quantitative behavioral segmentation identifying audience drivers, behaviors, and opportunities for understanding and communicating with the diverse spectrum of consumers in their product portfolio.

  • A legacy CPG brand and their advertising agency sought to consolidate and unify brand measurement to provide holistic periodic overview of their brand’s health to inform strategic positioning and marketing investment. W5 developed a customized, humanistic brand health initiative, encompassing quantitative metrics and qualitative interactive “Brand Humanity” exercises, that elicited instinctive emotional responses toward brand affiliation.

  • A global Fortune 100 CPG client was interested in designing an agile ideation process to kick start innovation for the cereal category. W5 leveraged a three-phased approach: an innovation workshop, followed by illustrated refinement of generated concepts, then collaboration with consumers to capture reactions and further refine concepts for future product development.

  • A premier luxury gift retailer sought to explore shopper attitudes and behaviors to understand their emotional need states and subsequent considerations when deciding on gifts―be it a satisfying or challenging experience. W5 developed a multi-modal qualitative, quantitative, and secondary research plan to capture considerations that shape decision making around gifting within the brand’s retail environments, both in-store and online.

We hope our noteworthy work in 2019 will inspire new ideas for you in 2020!

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