And the Oscar for Best Product Placement Goes to……

The Oscars is more than just the movie industries’ biggest awards show – it is an icon of American culture, a fashion show, a celebrity love-fest, and increasingly an interactive social media event and marketing bonanza rivaling the significance of the Super Bowl.

Everyone has by now heard about (if not themselves retweeted) Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, breaking the previous record for retweets held by President Barack Obama by more than two million retweets, and crashing Twitter in the process. This was a genius move of product placement/social media integration by Samsung, as a major sponsor of the Oscars and the device on which said record breaking selfie was taken.

Even more important for brands, marketers, and a world that is obsessed with growth and user engagement, is the fact that Oscar related tweets more than doubled from 6.8 million tweets in 2013 to 14.7 million tweets in 2014. This is while Super Bowl related tweets, while still greater in number, have leveled off over the same time frame.

It will be interesting to watch the growth of the significance of the Oscars for marketers and to see what innovative and integrated omni-channel strategies they come up with next! In the meantime, check out this NY Times article – Selfies, Pizza and Promoting Brands at the Oscars – for an overview of the best adapted screenplay, cinematography, costumes, live-action short, and song from the commercials of the Academy Awards.


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