concept appealConcept Testing research provides insight on how a product, service, or a branding/advertising approach can cut through competitor offerings to best fit consumers’ needs and desires. A strategically-designed concept testing study will reveal resonant winners and relative losers among a set of conceptual approaches, informing strategic decisions and highlighting opportunities for refinement.

I was recently interviewed regarding best practices for concept testing and how it can benefit non-profit organizations. Yvette Boysen wrote an interesting article entitled “’Concept Test’ Your Brand, Services, and More” for Nonprofit Communications Report

“’Concept Test’ Your Brand, Services and More.” Yvette Boysen. Nonprofit Communications Report. February 2017. Vol. 15, No. 2. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. and available for purchase through Wiley Online Library

The article is not available in full – for free – online. However, here are two key quotes I provided:

  • “After concept testing, an organization can move forward with confidence that the strategic and creative decisions that went into the approach, and the tone and message to be communicated, are in alignment with audience expectations, needs, and preferences.”
  • “This confidence is helpful for any company but can be especially important for nonprofit organizations, many of which need to be very careful and deliberate with investment of resources.”

This brief interview was a great opportunity to think about the value of concept testing research for all types of companies. The point above regarding careful and deliberate investment of resources is relevant for commercial organizations as well as non-profits.

Concept Testing can be more than just a quick gut-check survey before launch. Thoughtful and thorough testing of the strategic and creative approaches you’ve considered can inform and guide your further decisions, ensuring your organization addresses consumer needs and desires appropriately.

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