Brand Shout-Out: Nordstrom

My mind is naturally attuned to all things marketing-related, whether I’m out in the field or relaxing on the couch with some of my favorite Shonda Rhimes characters. When I leave the office I try to flip the switch to my internal analyst off  but sometimes the light flickers back on. This happens most when I’m inspired, amazed, or emotionally-touched by a company or brand’s creative work. The last time the lights flickered for me was during a pre-holidays catalog browsing sesh for some of my favorite clothing, housewares and lifestyles brands.

Here’s what sparked my lights:

This handy little “cheat sheet” wraps up Nordstrom’s value propositions in a gigantic, sparkly Christmas bow. It speaks to the benefits of making Nordstrom your go-to shopping destination for all things Christmas and provides solutions to almost any present-shopping query. Nordstrom has always had a reputation for being supremely customer-service oriented (surely you’ve heard the fabled tire story), but this snappy graphic is a fresh approach to making the shopping experience easy and even engaging for today’s digitally-savvy customer.

Whichever way you slice it, whether your shopping in-store, shopping online, or don’t even know where or how to begin your shopping journey (there’s a “gift guru” for that), Nordstrom has your back. So a big shout-out to Nordstrom for embracing cross-channel shopping, providing customer-oriented solutions, and showcasing them in a simple and creative way. Smart work that makes me want to leave the lights on a little longer.  Forbes even agrees with me, albeit for a set of slightly different reasons.

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