Building Inclusive Products Through Market Research Insights

When your values infuse every aspect of your business, the world notices.

Unilever is launching a new deodorant product under the Degree brand geared toward those with upper limb differences and visual impairments. Degree Inclusive, while not yet in stores, is ramping up its marketing to spread the word: sweat and body odor are not exclusive to the able-bodied and Unilever is listening.

Degree has gone beyond inclusive marketing to develop an inclusive product design with features including Braille labeling, hooked lid with magnetic closure, and an easier-to-grip handle designed for those with limited arm mobility or without arms, all wrapped in a refillable and sustainable package.

While some may see this as a market-leading initiative, Veena Ramakrishnan from argues that representation in marketing has passed the point of trendsetting and should now be industry standard. Ramakrishnan further suggests that if companies want to succeed in their inclusive marketing, diversity and inclusion (D&I) should reflect their employee base. Unilever appears to be onboard, claiming they strive to have 5% of their workforce be people with disabilities by 2025, helping to counter their high unemployment and low employment opportunities—roughly 15% of the world’s population.

As brands develop a fresh focus on inclusive resources, W5 has a long history of working with healthcare and advocacy organizations to tailor products and resources aimed at those with specific accessibility needs, including:

  • Assisting a healthy living company develop resources for individuals with mental illness and their caregivers
  • Working with an advocacy group to understand the needs and challenges of disabled veterans to design programs ensuring resource access
  • Uncovering the needs of those with orthopedic injuries to offer better resources, including treatment and surgery options
  • Helping advocacy groups and Fortune 500s optimize resources and websites for senior citizens
  • Assisting healthcare networks and insurers to optimize messaging and highlight resources to better serve consumers with specific medical conditions

W5 understands representation matters and exploring the needs of every consumer is crucial. Our insights help you go deeper. Interested in learning what your audience wants from your brand? Set up a call with our team.

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