The annual Corporate Research Conference (CRC) hosted by Insights Association facilitates a 3-day experience tailored to market researchers, data scientists, and consumer insights professionals on both the corporate and vendor side.

Among the sea of research conferences, CRC stands out with an agenda and sessions that recognize marketplace challenges and the need to come together as an industry to face problems head on. CR-Only and Vendor-Only sessions facilitate opportunities for open, transparent discussions about the frenetic pace of today’s market.

For example, the Provider-Only session, How to Engage Today’s Corporate Research Buyer, was a rare opportunity for sellers and buyers of research to come together and talk about what’s working and what’s broken. With a focus on discussing how clients meet new suppliers, the session provided a greater understanding of the “client journey” in commissioning insights projects and how new suppliers get into the fold. The #1 way a corporate research buyer become aware of a new supplier? Peer recommendation or WOM (word of mouth), followed by conferences and webinars.

Beyond the 75 groundbreaking sessions, CRC featured keynotes to inspire us to go big and ground us in the realities of the marketplace. Phil Penuela, Director of Consumer Insights at Redbox, discussed how Redbox has maintained a focus on consumer value while driving meaningful entertainment occasions. Jason Smith, President of Mac & Mia, spoke to playing in a New Retail Sandbox and never neglecting your employees (or Stylist in his case), as they are your best brand advocates and experience makers.

Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast, made us all feel old (yet hopeful as marketers) with his keynote on How To Drive Profit Growth Through Youth Culture Trends. Focused around Gen Z, Fromm spoke to the mindsets of the emerging cohorts said to comprise 40% of consumers by 2020, considerations when partnering with Gen Z on their journey to discover “Brand Me,” and how to earn loyalty with a strong “proof of purpose.” He joked about Gen Z’s Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the addition of wifi to their physiological needs, which now reads: food, water, warmth, rest, wifi. (We all laugh uncomfortably knowing how true that is.) Fromm’s new book, Marketing to Gen Z, is based on original research and in-depth interviews that uncover who these buyers are and how to authentically connect with them. A staple for any marketers’ library.

Lastly, if access to the full 3-day event with 75+ groundbreaking sessions, over 100 cutting edge speakers and 700+ attendees isn’t enough to spark interest….all Insights Association proceeds are invested back into the industry to support programs, services, standards and advocacy to ensure the insights community thrives. For the full agenda and more information on the 2018 conference, visit the CRC website.


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