Spotlight: Getting the Most Value Out of a Brand Tracker

Brand tracking is an important tool in evaluating growth and progress of a brand, but also seeing gradual, important shifts in the overall market. Here at W5, we help our clients by designing and executing brand trackers that monitor brand health, brand perception, advertising effectiveness, consumer needs and motivations, and more. We combine multiple areas of exploration to create a well-rounded study that guide business decision for the brand.

The case study below introduces an example of our strategic brand tracking research – now in its fifth wave. This research is a great example of two aspects of the brand tracking we do at W5 and how it allows clients to get the most out of this type of research:

  1. Sticking with it (keep track of key metrics wave over wave): By sticking with a tracker for more than a wave or two, we can gain insight to identify anomalies versus actually shifts in the market. But also…
  2. Taking time to reevaluate each wave (adjust small portions of the survey as necessary): Keeping important metrics is a must, but we also advise and encourage clients to take a look at the survey content before each wave goes live ensuing the questions and answer sets are still relevant and up-to-date.

Case Study: Strategic Brand and Advertising Tracking

A leading manufacturer of home appliances and their advertising agency partnered with W5 to conduct a fifth wave of brand tracking research in the U.S. and Canada. The strategic tracker measures brand health, brand perceptions, and advertising awareness/evaluation each wave. It also includes a module of specific questions related to strategic focuses and new product category innovations.


W5 collaborated with the clients to ensure questions in the survey were still pertinent and useful. This year, we adjusted questions to focus on innovation and technology that has become more widespread since the previous wave as well as shifts in behaviors due to the pandemic. Following the collaboration session on the updated Questionnaire, W5 conducted the fifth wave of research to engage a robust sample of homeowners across the U.S. and Canada.


Following data collection and close monitoring of data quality, W5 presented a customized report with results from this wave and all previous waves. By looking at results over a longer period, W5 was able to provide metrics on gradual shifts and important trends in the market versus a one-off data fluctuation. Data from the newly adjusted questions proved to be useful as showcasing the growing need for technology-centric features combined with the waning perceptions of competitor brands as a technology leader. This, in addition the previously tracked brand health metrics, uncovered positioning and marketing opportunities and ideas on how to expand their presence in the market.

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