Happy 30th “Disco Demolition!”


From the ‘cultural phenomena’ vault: over dinner Saturday night, our wedding anniversary, my wife Allison mentioned that 30 years ago this past weekend she was attending what was not planned to be, but quickly became, an epoch in Chicago’s twentieth century history.

Arguably, “Disco Demolition” was the stake through the heart of the disco era. Three years after the topping of the charts by the hit single “Disco Duck” the genre had lost all its sheen and gasped its final breath before being blown apart in the middle of Comiskey Park.

As Allison’s says, “it was embarrassing, there I was a teen from the South Side running around, for no reason, the infield getting hit by disco albums. I mean, it’s the only game in the American League that had to be forfeited because seventy-five thousand of us kids showed up before they closed the Dan Ryan expressway, and literally tore up the entire baseball field. Who knows what more could have occurred.”

But I reminded her, maybe there was a reason for this, just look at the behavior of these people. All this pent up emotion that came to a head surely needed a spark, and it was amply provided, but nevertheless it’s kinda great that this event was staged in Chicago. I really don’t know if the ‘demolition’ would have had the same outcome had it occurred in New York or LA. I can’t put it into words, for as Allison often says to me ” you don’t get it, it’s just a Midwest thing…”

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