Independence Day 2020

Across America this week folks will be celebrating Independence Day. Though many are hunkered down at home, avoiding larger crowds, they will still find ways to celebrate.

Three W5ers-in-training set out to understand how families (N=1 family) will be celebrating this year and what July 4th activities they are most excited about.

The polling of one (N=1) family revealed that activities garnering the greatest excitement are:

  1. Fireworks
  2. Eating all the great food (particularly hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream)
  3. Wearing festive attire
  4. Spending time with family
  5. Staying up late

Source: W5 Trainees – Alina Capps (age 9); Audriana Capps (age 8); Alexandra Capps (age 2)

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