As brands continue their obsession to understand and secure dollars from Millennials, it is important to realize the sub-groups that exist among the larger Millennial group. A Millennial Mom with three kids is a very different person – with different buying behaviors – than a Millennial fresh out of medical school. To this point, we know a ‘target audience’ can’t be defined with age parameters alone.

One metric we often use to understand Millennials is their engagement on social media. Social platforms are home to a huge number of “micro influencers,” or users who might command just a few thousand followers yet whose style and brand affiliations are closely followed—and emulated—by their dedicated fans. It is a valuable segment especially among brand and categories in fashion, beauty, travel, health and wellness.

Clique Media Group (whose brands include Who What Wear and Byrdie) and Dash Hudson partnered to figure out exactly who the female millennial micro influencer is and how she compares to the average millennial woman as showcased in this infographic by AdWeek.

“We’re just scratching the surface for this new age of influencers and the impact they will have on retail and brands. However, we know for sure that the influence of this influential peer is scaling and doing so quickly,” said Clique Media Group CEO Katherine Power. “Micro influencers are also a valuable target in themselves, spending more than the average millennial woman on clothing, accessories, dining out and beauty.”

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