Infographic of The Week

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted a new infographic. The well seems to have dried up some, so we haven’t really been seeing a lot that wows us. However, that being said, looking through GOOD or Wired is typically a sure bet for finding an interesting image. This week’s image can be found in the current edition of GOOD.


There is a lot of data going on here, but a couple of things are clear. There are simple changes we can make to save a lot of water. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and shower heads are readily available, and many municipalities are offering tax credits if you do so; others are requiring they be installed. Second,  it takes a lot of water to produce meat and animal by-products (e.g., eggs). The amount of water required to produce one pound of beef is staggering, and likely the biggest point this infographic is trying to make. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, for one-third less water you get more than two and a half times beer than you would wine (assuming 16 oz. and 6 oz. servings, respectively). Beer geeks rejoice – you can simply call your love for all things beer “environmentally conscious.”

SOURCES: GOOD Magazine; Department of Energy; H2OConserve; IEEE Spectrum; The Water Footprint Network

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