Inside the Offices of W5 *Home Edition*

W5, like many other companies during this time, has made the switch to working from home (WFH). Besides the few who go into the office to hold down the fort, the rest of us are working from a set up at home.

Here’s a glimpse into how our team is doing and some tips/ideas we have for working from home:

WFH Workspaces:

W5’ers are spread out inside our homes – from spare rooms with doors to common areas such as the living room. Here are a few of our workspaces! Does your set up look anything like ours?

WFH Benefits:

W5’ers mentioned a few different benefits of WFH:

Increased Productivity

“Less of the typical office distractions, like phones ringing, spontaneous meetings, etc. I can really dig into writing and thinking with minimal interruptions (for the most part).”

More Time for Family

“More time with family; unity with family in challenging times.”

More Personal Time

“I am able to chip away at household tasks early in the day and just after completing my work for the day. These are times when I would normally be commuting.”

“I get to take walks at lunch!”

Although these benefits are enhancing our lives in different ways, we all agree that we miss seeing and talking to each other at the office.

WFH Tips & Ideas:

Lastly, here are a few tips and ideas that we have personally implemented to help us navigate this new situation:

“I can close two doors between myself and my kids’ home schooling. Managing parts of the day differently than usual with open mind.”

“Relax and find a schedule that works best for you.  As long as the work gets done and we are available for our clients and each other, everything will be okay.”

“Flexibility. It is the key to psychological happiness.”

“Avoid a news binge and limit the amount of COVID-19 related news you get in one day.” – Take a listen to NPR’s podcast recommended by a W5’er.

What does your WFH setup look like? Please share some of your best tips and tricks with us!

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