Inside the Offices of W5

As the newest member of W5, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the things I’ve noticed about daily work life here.

1. The office is pretty quiet.

I used to work in an office with an open floor plan. Someone was walking past me every other minute, and my desk mate’s piles of paper slowly migrated onto my desk everyday. It was a little easier to collaborate, sure. It was definitely easy to get distracted, and it’s not for everyone.

At W5, every partner has their own room and everyone else has a room which they share with one other person at most. Everyone has their own space so that they can get into their own zones and work hard on developing questionnaires and guides, analyzing data, and reporting insights.

There’s construction going on near our building, and the stock market channel is always on in the common space (a.k.a. the red room) but it’s generally quiet – it’s the optimal noise level for W5 employees.

2. That being said, collaboration is key, and it’s happening every day.

In my last position, where I worked remotely as a contractor, I could only (attempt and fail to) collaborate with my cat.

At W5, whether it’s work on a proposal for a qual/quant hybrid study, thinking of answer sets to questionnaires, or finalizing the right amount of words, graphics, and white space in a report, collaboration is at the core of everything we do. Everyone at W5 is thoughtful about their own work and combining these thoughts make everything that much more well thought out and meaningful.

3. Work life and private life are both valued at W5.

I could sense and see the first two points when interviewing and visiting the office. What surprised me most on my first day was when my boss, Andy, came into the office at 6 pm sharp with his bag on his shoulder and keys in hand.

I knew working late was not a norm at W5, but I was mid-email when this happened and it honestly caught me off guard. (Full disclosure, I worked in Japan where overtime was standard and pretty much expected of you.)

Here at W5, everyone leaves the building at (roughly) the same time – right after business hours end at 6 pm. We work thoughtfully and creatively all day, but work/life balance is just as important. Everyone goes home and recharges, so we are ready to provide the same high level of thinking for our clients the next day.

Today is my first W5 cookout, and I’m looking forward to spending some more time getting to know my coworkers better while celebrating (mourning?) the unofficial end of summer.

If you’re interested in getting to know W5 better, read more about us here!

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