Integrating Agile Innovation

For many organizations, the current crisis has illuminated the need to understand their customers and act quickly to deliver products that meet their needs. Pursuing new ideas can be a long, arduous process unless a process is in place for nimble, quick-turn innovation.

W5 recently supported a F500 CPG company in implementing a quick-turn, agile process for brainstorming innovative new product concepts, prototyping product language and visuals, and testing the initial concepts with consumers.


W5 facilitated a three-step innovation process over just three days. On day one, W5 strategy consultants led an innovation workshop (more on W5’s strategic services) that empowered internal stakeholders to empathize with the consumer, identify unmet needs, and outline a number of product concepts. W5 incorporated knowledge sharing and creative ideation exercises to engage a large, cross-functional internal audience.

On day two, a smaller team refined the concepts and worked with a designer to visualize and bring the products to life. On the final day, W5 moderated focus group discussions with loyal and aspirational audiences to capture consumer feedback and gauge the viability of each potential product (check out W5’s wide range of qualitative services).


After the three-day process, W5 identified a new product concept that appealed to the client’s core audience, another that effectively targeted an aspirational audience to draw them into the category, and a third that held universal appeal. The client was able to turn what is typically an extended product development cycle into a three-day agile process that encompassed everything from initial ideation to consumer testing.

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