Looking back at The Quirk’s Event: Orange County

Last week, W5 attended the first The Quirk’s Event held in Orange County, California. As regular attendees of the previous two conferences held in Brooklyn, we were excited to see what the Golden State had in store for us! With two days of insightful sessions, networking events with familiar and new faces, and fun exploring the exhibitor hall (shout out to the Butt Sketch guy), W5 came away from the conference enlightened with new market research insights and trends to help our clients grow.

One session that I attended, “Lights! Camera! Action! Video Storytelling for Insights in the Data Overflow Age,” piqued my interest due to the evolving methods of showcasing research insights in meaningful ways. W5’s strategy practice is always looking for ways to make insights “sticky,” and this session provided great takeaways on humanizing those insights through video storytelling.

As someone with amateur experience behind the video camera, it was refreshing to hear tips on creating compelling stories through video without being a professional videographer. The most important part of showing research data through video is making sure to tell a cohesive story. Storytelling is a powerful tool that can transform potentially tedious data into a takeaway that will appeal to everyone – from strategists to the C-suite.

It’s easy to show data tables and respondent quotes in a standard presentation, but seeing consumers’ faces as they talk through an issue with a product, walk you through their homes and daily lives, or self-record their reactions to various concepts helps bring research to life. We will definitely use these takeaways to ensure we are highlighting a compelling story through our video deliverables.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for the upcoming The Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn in just a few short weeks and look forward to learning more about the upcoming trends in market research reporting!


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