Businesses are run by people and it is important for consumers to know they engage with real people when they purchase products or services from a chosen brand.

Brand Humanization focuses on the relationship between brands and consumers, comprised of various aspects of Brand Trust and Brand Empathy.

W5 recently conducted a custom, strategically-focused quantitative market research survey to establish benchmarks for consumers’ perceptions of a client’s brand on aspects of Brand Humanization. For this particular client, and category, we focused on the following aspects of Brand Humanization:

The below case study highlights application of W5’s Brand Humanization research for a Fortune 500 brand.

A long-established American agribusiness and food company sought to reposition its brand to align with values that matter to modern consumers, including, but not limited to, Millennials. Understanding the relevance of Brand Humanization (i.e., comprised of Brand Trust and Brand Empathy values and perceptions) informed strategic market positioning, tactics, and communications focus.

W5 developed a custom survey to understand if Brand Humanization matters to target consumers regarding their category purchase decisions. In addition to standard survey questions, client logos, category and product imagery, and emoticons were incorporated to stylize and gamify survey design to elicit engaged, humanistic response. W5 quantified how well consumers felt the company delivered on attributes including brand purpose, business conduct, social responsibility, customer value, and employee appeal, mapped to a Brand Humanization framework. Future tracking research will assess the extent of the company’s success in positioning and marketing to consumers over time.

W5 confirmed Brand Humanization is valued, especially among Millennials, and informs purchase decisions in the client’s category creating opportunities for immediate positioning and marketing. Specifically, the client gained actionable direction for messaging and imagery to feature on its website, in advertising, and other marketing communications, ensuring resonance with current and future audiences.

To learn more about W5’s Strategic Tracking Services, download our company white paper.

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