Personas in Action

One of the methodologies we like to talk about a lot around W5 is Personas research. Essentially it involves creating fictional archetypes that can act as the voice of the consumer during a design or development process. They’re a fictional stand in for real people.

A few weeks back I came across an article in the New York Times highlighting how Ford is developing Personas internally to assist in design of new vehicles. In the article, Murat Yalman, Ford’s director of global advanced product strategy says:

“We had done lots of models based on rationality, but now we are recognizing that emotions play a much more dominant role than we ever admitted… In buying a car, you have to fall in love. We now focus quite a bit on aspirations and dreams.”

The article offers a nice glimpse into the practical, day-to-day use of Personas in the design process.

For more on W5’s approach on Personas, check out our white paper:  W5 on Personas.

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