W5 INFOGRAPHIC: Quirk’s Corporate Research Report

Quirk’s has released the third annual Quirk’s Corporate Research Report based on findings from a survey among corporate researchers fielded this summer, the only industry report designed by and dedicated to the corporate (client-side) researcher! The report covers two main areas – work life and compensation – and provides corporate researchers an in-depth look at their industry, and world.

For the 2016 report, W5 partnered with Quirk’s to create an infographic highlighting key findings and takeaways. A powerful data visualization tool to communicate insights, W5 excels in the art of application and inspiration of insights through unique deliverables including infographics. These deliverables go beyond the final report to create stickiness throughout the organization and extend the shelf life of research findings. It is the art to the science, communicating insights quickly in an engaging, easily digestible format.

Below is the 2016 Quirk’s Corporate Research Report. You can access the full report here in this month’s publication of Quirk’s.


From the monthly publications, to the Daily News Queue, to The Quirk’s Event, and beyond, Quirk’s is a key, and crucial, player in our industry. Thank you to Quirk’s for their continued support and leadership in the marketing research industry.

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