Selecting the Right Research Partner

As the saying goes there are plenty of fish in the sea. Same is true for marketing research firms. With over 40 thousand marketing research firms in the US alone, it is easy for brands to get lost in the endless swarm claiming to have answers to every marketing mystery known to man.

From Fortune 500s to agencies to everything in between W5 has guided countless brands alongside their insights journey for almost two decades. During this time, we’ve come to understand our clients’ journey normally begins before or shortly after drafting the RFP. They are forced to ask: “Who can I trust to conduct this research?”

The process of selecting a research partner is never easy. It requires time, patience, and a thorough evaluation of one’s research needs. Just to be clear research vendors and research partners are not synonymous. Research vendors are merely sellers of research and can be intermittently interchanged as new research needs emerge. Research partners are steadfast throughout the insights journey—acting as an extension of your team. Below are just a few benefits of the partner route:

  • Increase Efficiency and Save Time: By establishing rapport with a dedicated firm, you bypass the learning curve that comes with continuously meeting new vendors with each new engagement.
  • Feel Secure: Partnerships are the result of mutually beneficial working relationships. Leveraging this history, you can feel confident in your partner’s ability to provide the right insights.
  • Build You Brand’s Story: Understand your brand’s insight is an evolving and constantly changing endeavor. A research partner supports the continuation of your brand’s story—providing guidance beyond the final report.

So, how does one go about selecting a research partner? Most importantly, how does one select the right research partner? See our latest infographic below, detailing tips and best practice recommendations.

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