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In the wake of the digital revolution, traditional retailers have had to adapt to new methods of product awareness to stay relevant and accessible to a new generation of shoppers. One particularly effective strategy that has emerged are subscription services. Subscription services offer companies the ability to have their products in consumers’ homes, monthly. From beauty products, to dog food and toys, and even prepared meal options, subscription services can fit even the most niche consumer needs.

A Forbes article credits the effectiveness of subscription services into two parts. The first being the selection of “quality products with a bit of a wow or news that consumers would probably not yet know about, and to keep the prices of the subscriptions sufficiently low so consumers feel they’re getting a good deal and it’s a no brainer to continue”. As a current user of three subscription services I can personally attest to the excitement that comes with being the first of my friends to try a new product, because who doesn’t love a ‘treat yourself’ package waiting for you at home once a month?

Forbes also credits the, “online buzz the samples products create because consumers who are “into” that particular sample box product category tend to enjoy sharing their finds with others”. With most subscription services, subscribers are prompted with emails to review, rate, and provide feedback for the array of products they received that month. These services benefit the consumer as well as the companies of the products themselves. Through posting reviews of each product on everything from packaging, shading, usage etc. subscribers are insured that their feedback will be used in the following month to create their own customized box or bag for their specific tastes and likes. These reviews are also beneficial for companies who may be launching a new product and wanting to get honest feedback. Through the option of signing in through social media accounts, consumers are then able to post their likes and dislikes for all of their followers to see.

With more than 2,000 subscription box services in the U.S. as of March 2016, its safe to say that for whatever the reason may be consumers are more than willing to pay a small monthly fee to stay in the know.

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