The “Social” Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX offered all the drama we always hope for out of one of the biggest entertainment and social events of the year. Aside from being the most watched Super Bowl – and TV show – in history, it was also notably the highest rated Super Bowl among adults age 18-49 in over 30 years. This is surely welcome news for all those companies that paid out a record $4.5 million for a 30 second TV ad during the Super Bowl.

All of those interested and invested in social media marketing were also likely equally pleased to hear that this year’s Super Bowl generated more social media engagement than any Super Bowl to date with over 265 million Facebook posts, likes, and comments and over 28 million tweets during the game. Interestingly, the appearance of hashtags during Super Bowl ads went down slightly this year compared to last year with 50% of this year’s nationally-run ads including hashtags compared to 57% of last year’s ads. So which of those hashtags actually resonated with viewers and inspired people to use them? According to MediaPost, the top trending hashtags of this year’s Super Bowl were #empowering from Microsoft, #bestbuds from Budweiser, and #likeagirl from Always.

In terms of social sharing, Budweiser was the big winner with it’s “Lost Dog” ad which had over 2 million shares on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. For more on the stats and winners of the “Social” Super Bowl check out the infographic below!


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