Solving Research Needs with a Mixed Methodology Approach

Qualitative. Quantitative. Strategy. The three pillars of W5. As a research firm that conducts both qualitative and quantitative studies, we have the opportunity to work with clients using mixed methodology approaches to solve their strategic business questions and challenges. Often, a research engagement requires more than simply qualitative focus groups or a quantitative online survey. Time and time again, we see the advantages of implementing a hybrid methodology approach – conducting exploratory qualitative research to inform the development of a quantitative questionnaire, or using qualitative ethnographic research to round out newly identified segments coming out of a segmentation study. This month we spotlight a case study illustrating a custom designed approach using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to meet our client’s research needs.


An auto paint and body repair firm with a strong yet dated brand heritage and their advertising agency sought an up-to-date understanding of consumer perceptions, and preferences to inform strategic development of a new brand identity and communications platform.


W5 first conducted exploratory qualitative research through focus groups and in-home/garage ethnography interviews to establish a foundational understanding of consumer behaviors, needs, and brand perceptions. A robust quantitative segmentation study was then conducted, segmenting the market into five actionable clusters, three of which represented prime opportunity segments for the client. After development of brand positioning and advertising concepts targeted for these key segments, W5 conducted additional quantitative survey research to highlight resonant approaches and opportunities for further development.


The research insights yielded an up-to-date understanding of target consumers, their needs, and their perspective on the category. Definition of core strategic segments allowed the client to focus strategic efforts in branding, communications, customer service, and product offerings. Identification of actionable and resonant brand approaches provided short-term benefits to supplement the broader strategic learning.

Spotlight is a special feature of the W5 Blog showcasing W5 consultants’ approach to designing marketing research studies, creating engaging deliverables, and informing strategy. For more information on W5’s approach to qualitative or quantitative research contact:

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