As companies strive to return and adapt to ‘normal’ in 2021, to stay relevant and competitive, it is important to understand one’s market position and consumers’ everchanging attitudes and behaviors. Pinpointing consumer sentiment helps gauge success of marketing initiatives and optimize future efforts.

A key tool to monitor a company’s position and performance is strategic tracking research. This case study highlights W5’s role in assisting a destination marketing organization understand consumer opinions related to travel and vacationing and gauge the likability and impact of advertising campaigns.


A successful U.S.-based destination marketing organization partnered with W5 to overhaul an existing brand and advertising tracking study, fielding two waves per year in four countries. After years of tracker stagnation, the client sought a fresh and strategically focused perspective, maintaining analysis of key metrics but adding insight.


First, W5 collaborated with the client to update and modernize the existing tracker. W5 then conducted separate waves of mobile-optimized online survey research to engage robust samples of traveler and gen pop audiences in each country to gauge their consideration and perceptions of the client’s destination/brand. Additionally, recent exposure and recall of client advertising was assessed to reflect the efficacy of their multi-channel advertising campaign.


Results from each target audience were analyzed to inform strategic conclusions and actionable recommendations for client advertising. Insights around the client’s traditional and digital advertising tactics were critical in guiding marketing focus, decisions, and budgets for the next year. Additional ROI modeling communicated the impact of advertising investment on destination/brand awareness and consideration each wave.

To learn more about W5’s approach to Strategic Tracking, download our white paper.

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