Spotlight: A&U to Drive Brand Growth

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A leading producer of fruit-based foods and their advertising agency sought to understand consumers’ attitudes, purchasing behaviors, consumption, and preferences in the category. Insights into the marketing category, the client’s brand, and touchpoints were desired to inform growth strategies and creative development.


W5 leveraged past consumer segmentation and category behavior research conducted for the client to identify appropriate consumers for the robust survey. W5 collaborated closely with the client and agency to develop an in-depth online survey exploring consumers’ category engagement.


Study insights highlighted consumers’ category priorities, how the client’s product areas fit in, and the brand’s positioning in the marketplace. SWOT Analysis featuring strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was conducted, founded upon a rich array of category insights. Opportunities emerged for branding, marketing, packaging, and product innovation, showcasing the long-term value of a comprehensive category data set in guiding future direction. The client gained comprehensive insight into the category and the advertising agency received clear direction for future branding and creative development.

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