Spotlight: Consumer Journeys, It’s Okay to Ask for Directions

Here at W5 we’ve been thinking about how consumers behave for a long time. How they consider, shop, and purchase products can range from reflexive to complicated. Recognizing this, we have been focusing on Consumer Journey work to clarify their process and map it out so our clients can make actionable decisions that will have a positive impact on their business. While the maps might look different based on the consumer profile, category, channel, products, etc. the overarching goal of Consumer Journey work is to help identify the critical points in the purchase process and find means of addressing them.

A recent example of this approach involved a leading online travel booking company who wanted to better understand the path-to-purchase for key consumers, focusing on their current behaviors, attitudes, pain points, and unmet needs.


W5 tracked consumers’ online behavior and held online qualitative discussions in tandem. This approach allowed W5 and the client to better understand where consumers were going and how long they spent on specific sites. It also helped uncover behaviors that were unanticipated, but seemed natural and unconscious to the consumer. As part of the online discussion, consumers were able to explain the patterns of their behavior with images, videos, and further explanation.


As a result of the study, W5 was able to not only map the path to purchase but highlight key emotions, pain points, unmet needs, and behaviors. The analysis revealed an understanding of consumer behavior that perfected targeted messaging and defined future business tactics. W5 participated in a strategic workshop with the client’s core team to present recommendations and foster collaboration where internal teams could apply research findings to their areas of expertise.


Learn more about W5’s approach to Consumer Journeys here. 


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