Companies typically apply a long-term strategic perspective when developing their brands and positioning. However, to remain competitive, it becomes necessary to take a fresh look at a brand to ensure it continues to meet consumer needs. Custom research plays a key role in this process.

For example, W5 recently crafted a custom, dual-methodology research study to explore a health-focused lifestyle client’s unique brand architecture and customer relationship with a goal of assessing a potential strategic change in branding that could have had challenging implications.

Case Study: Branded Product Line Optimization

A successful health lifestyle company that develops several lines of nutrition products planned to streamline offerings under one brand identity. To inform operational marketing decision making, the client needed to explore customer preferences across product lines and understand implications of discontinuing an older branded product line.


W5 first conducted a series of virtual one-on-one qualitative discussions with hand-picked established and loyal customers who provided valuable knowledge and consumer language to inform development of a strategically customized quantitative survey.

The survey was distributed to several thousand highly engaged customers, assessing their relationship and behaviors with the client’s company, brands, and products by choice-modeling their preferences and tradeoffs between products in different, branded lines. The survey leveraged dynamic exercises featuring product imagery, descriptions, and pricing to garner customer feedback that was analyzed overall, by product line, and by specific product.


W5 confirmed the client could successfully discontinue the older brand and related product line and continue its rebranding strategy without significant customer attrition. In addition to gaining valuable insights around interest and engagement, the research validated the new master brand strategy and identified optimal means of communicating changes and updates in product offerings.

W5 understands that exploring the needs of every consumer is crucial. Our insights help you go deeper. Interested in learning more about what your audience wants from your brand? Set up a call with our team.

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