Spotlight: Exploring Ease of Shopping

From time to time we like to share how the big ideas on our blog get translated into research engagements that help our clients. The following project leveraged multiple qualitative approaches to shed light on consumer perceptions, feelings, and behavior.

Exploring Ease of Shopping

A grocery store brand was interested in exploring and understanding customers’ needs for their in-store experience and identifying opportunities to make these visits easier. The client was particularly interested in evaluating the effectiveness of store signage, messaging, and product placement in guiding customers through the store quickly and efficiently.


W5 developed a two-phased qualitative approach consisting of online and in-store discussions to establish grocery shopping behaviors, preferences, and define ease of shopping. The online discussions leveraged a mobile scavenger hunt activity to break consumer habits and help them contextualize their thoughts regarding store navigation. W5 ethnographers then observed participants’ natural shopping and navigation behaviors to test the effectiveness of the client’s current in-store offerings and identify opportunities to help shoppers more easily find the products, information, and services they seek.


The research identified key details about the grocery environment and opportunities for improvement to maintain a competitive edge. W5 determined how shoppers engaged with the client’s unique product labeling system and made recommendations to enhance clarity and foster awareness. The research also exposed how routine shopping behaviors shape shoppers’ interactions with in-aisle/overhead signage, shelf signage (e.g., price and sales tags) and product placement on shelves, endcaps, and displays. W5 made recommendations to optimize the positioning of signage and group products in a more intuitive and natural manner.



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