Spotlight: Exploring Platform Emotion and Resonance

Every once in a while, we like to share what we’ve been up to,  including how our research engagements have helped our clients achieve their business goals and some of the lessons learned. This case study highlights W5’s approach to leveraging in-depth qualitative research to guide messaging based on consumer emotion, experience, and perception.

An international CPG company partnered with W5 to expand brand positioning for personal care products to the broader health and wellness category. A primary goal of the research was to identify winning elements of potential platforms to inform future messaging.


W5 conducted an in-depth qualitative approach with Online Discussions, In-Home Interviews, and In-Store Shop-Along Interviews to explore consumers’ understanding of the health and wellness category and a nuanced evaluation of their reactions to creative branding platforms. Online Discussions provided a foundation for consumers’ daily behavior, health and wellness goals, and overall perceptions of initial concepts. In-Home Ethnographic Interviews and In-Store Shop-Alongs were conducted with select participants from the Online Discussions. Combining online and in-home approaches allowed W5 ethnographers to thoroughly explore consumers’ emotional reactions to the presented concepts. Through a holistic approach that intertwined creative exercises with strategic lines of questioning, W5 ethnographers elicited emotional stories and moments connected to health and wellness.


Through this multi-phase research, W5 identified relevant and emotionally-driven health and wellness themes that resonated with winning concepts. Research also identified the perceived gaps between the client’s existing personal care offerings and how consumers perceive health and wellness. W5 crafted a visually compelling report in tandem with a video Highlight Reel to bring consumers’ stories and moments to life.

Spotlight is a special feature of the W5 Blog showcasing W5 consultants’ approach to designing marketing research studies, creating engaging deliverables, and informing strategy. For more information on W5’s approach to qualitative or quantitative research contact:

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