When established brands introduce new and improved products to the market, it is vital to take a cultural temperature to not only gauge how consumers feel about these new offerings but measure their impact on the brand’s image.

That’s because brands that market physical, tangible products, innovation can garner new audiences and grow market share, but can also impact how loyal customers think about the brand.

(Remember New Coke?)

Prior to introducing new or updated offerings, it is important to understand not only how new audiences will respond, but how a brand’s fans and current customers will react as well.

Questions brands should consider before launch:
Does the new offering line up with current expectations?
Does it bring something to the table that prospective audiences want?
Is the messaging clear and is the product marketable?

Part of planning a product launch includes ensuring new branding (packaging, name, claims, etc.) is attractive and well received among potential new customers, but also meshes with current products and does not turn loyal customers away.

W5 recently conducted custom quantitative research to help a well-established pet brand optimize product packaging for a new line of pet grooming products containing hemp and CBD ingredients that further support pet health (shampoo, chews, sprays, etc.).

W5 Case Study: Informing Optimal Packaging Designs for Product Launch

A specialty pet product brand planned to launch a complete line of new pet grooming products containing hemp and CBD. The client needed to better understand the appeal of several package designs (imagery, text, colors, etc.) and resonance of hemp/CBD-related benefits featured on product packaging.


W5 conducted a nationwide, custom survey with pet owners, including brand considerers and current customers, to evaluate product package designs and understand preferences and purchase intent. In addition to testing concepts independently and comparatively, W5 asked consumers to rank the importance of featured hemp- and CBD-related product claims.


The research identified pet owners’ optimal packaging design and desired elements including colors, graphics, and branding, with strong preferences for packaging that quickly and easily identified product use helping the client understand which design elements were most effective and why. W5 provided consumer-driven recommendations to support a successful launch and go-to-market strategy.

Want to learn more about conducting your own study to gauge reaction to your brand’s latest innovative offering? Book a call to continue the conversation.

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