SPOTLIGHT: VIDEO ETHNOGRAPHY, Bringing Consumers into Focus

Now is the best time to take a real close look at your customers. What are their lives like, who are in their circles, what can you learn from their environment? There is no better way to discover and capture nuances than with video ethnography. It can be like bringing your entire operation into the home to learn about the wants, needs, and drivers of an array of people. The result being impactful insights straight from the source, your customers with the added benefit of being about to relive their interviews and broadcast a highlight reel through out your organization.

In addition to the raw video, craft videos can be edited for easily digestible run times. Couple these reels with top notch motion graphics and enhanced audio and you have a presentation that is informative, entertaining and memorable.


Video Ethnography is a powerful complement to written analysis. Written content attempts to represent a thought or event with authenticity but is limited by the author’s subjectivity, consciously or not. Video also functions to highlight affect, leveraging the portrayal of emotions to accentuate ideas.



Society has prepared us for consuming messages quickly and receiving information more passively, in ever-more dynamic and compelling formats. It’s just a fact that people gravitate toward moving imagery.


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