Tastes Like ‘Chicken’

Companies such as Tesla are all the rage nowadays, expounding ‘clean energy’ as their electric cars buzz around an increasing number of cities and towns. Owners feel happy as they shun gasoline and rely more on electric energy that they see as cleaner for the environment and offer a lower carbon footprint. Companies such as Tesla, while technically an auto manufacturer, is also categorized by many on both Wall Street and Main Street, as a technology company. This begs the question: Are other ‘clean’ industries also considered ‘tech’ companies?

Well, now the ‘clean’ movement has moved on to tackle something potentially more important than the auto industry, namely food. A Bay Area, yes that bay, “food-technology startup” named Memphis Meats has developed what it calls the first true ‘clean food’ company. In sum, it emits a lower carbon footprint than other [similar] ‘meat’ food producers. Agtech is the new tech, and companies such as Memphis Meats are front and center.

Technically, Memphis Meat produces meat per se, chicken, as well as duck, pork, and beef. And produce chicken it does. You see, rather than raise say a chicken from a chick, feed it, watch it grow, excrete, eat again, grow again, and to slaughter it goes, Memphis Meats actually produces meat, from meat.

They grow chicken from cell-reproducing chicken cells. Yup, chicken without the fuss. No need to deal with all the day-to-day of a $200 billion dollar a year industry busy raising meat. Now, just grow it in a big vat in the Bay Area and eventually Texas and Kansas, too, I would assume.

Sure, currently it’s an expensive proposition, a pound of chicken costs about $9,000 to produce. But that’s half of last year’s cost, and they’re still tweaking things to create greater efficiencies, just like any other technology start-up.

You can bread it, fry it, broil it, bake it – and it tastes like, well, ‘chicken.’

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