The Art of Booing

With under a week to go until Halloween, brands across categories, from candy to costumes, are looking to capitalize on the estimated $9.1 billion consumers will spend this Halloween—a record high in survey history.

A fun tradition that comes along with the Halloween season is “booing.” If you are unaware of how this works, the rules are like a chain letter. To “boo” someone, you sneak onto their doorstep and leave a small bucket of tricks and treats for them to discover. Once you’ve been “boo’d,” you put a sign on your window saying you’ve been boo’d, and you “boo” two other houses.

Armed with this fun festivity and the scary stat that 87% of shoppers wait until the last week of October to buy their Halloween candy, The Integer Group was tasked with this business question for the 2015 season: How do we encourage shoppers at Walmart to buy their Halloween candy earlier and more often?

The Integer Group launched “Let the Boo’ing Begin,” a monstrously successful integrated program for Mars, Wrigley, and Walmart that drove candy sales and engagement, on and offline. The campaign included a hub on that sold premade Halloween booing bundles featuring Wrigley and Mars candy in a pumpkin pail that shoppers could send directly to the person they wished to surprise, even if they were across the country. Integer also had coverage digitally working with top influence bloggers, print ads and editorial coverage in All You magazine, and in-store targeted merchandising and displays.

Mars and Wrigley had record-breaking sales at Walmart, and Walmart had their best Halloween sales in history.

The six-week program generated more than 204.6 million online impressions—28.7 million from blogger networks. Mars had its largest Walmart Halloween sales ever; sales of Mars Chocolate products were up 13.4% year over year, while Wrigley sales grew 8.9%. The 90.8% sell-through rate exceeded target (Source). The campaign also won Gold at the Pro Awards for Best Holiday-Themed Campaign 2016.

While you’re out buying your Halloween candy this week, grab an extra orange pumpkin bucket, fill it with tricks and treats and #BooItForward.

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