The Blank Stare

I really enjoyed reading Isiah Adam’s blog post on market research analogies. His compilation of quotes is a great reminder that people who don’t work in the MR world can easily be confused by our lingo. If you work in MR, you’ve likely experienced a blank stare after sharing your job description to a friend. Some of these analogies serve a reminder to talk about MR in a way that those who aren’t immersed in it will understand (whether that’s a friend, family member, marketing director,creative director, or CEO). Below are a few of my favorites, be sure to check out Isiah’s blog post for more. Enjoy!

“Starting a business without doing market research is like stepping out onto a tightrope without bothering to check the tightness of the knots that are holding the rope in place. You’re halfway across when the knots loosen, the rope wobbles; you lose your balance, and fall to the ground with a splat.” -Tim Knox

“Marketing Research is like panning for gold. You must sift through the dirt in order to identify the golden opportunities.” -Heather Hinman

“Some use research as the drunkard uses the lamppost, for support rather than for illumination.” -David Ogilvy

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