The W5 Guide to Knowing Your Audience

Creating a profile of your audience means going deep with your customers to understand who they are, how they think, and what they need.

Audience profiling helps you understand the behaviors and attitudes that drive how people engage with your brand, products, and services. By understanding the values that drive them, you’ll have the insight to deliver and ideal experience or product.

Knowledge is power.
It’s simple: When you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you’ll serve them better. W5’s profiling methods encourage empathic thinking to understand customers motivations, psychographics, needs in an easy-to-understand manner leading to smarter products and services that resonate with their lifestyle and inspire loyalty.

Check out these resources to see how primary research can help you better identify, profile, and get to know you target audience:

– W5 White Paper: Segmentation
– W5 White Paper: Ethnography
– W5 Case Study: Shopper A&U
– W5 White Paper: Personas

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