Thursday is the New Black (Friday)

Black Friday is as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey. Lines upon lines of people waiting in the cold night, their bellies full of stuffing and pumpkin pie, their wallets ready to be emptied in what is America’s busiest shopping day of the year. Walmart’s chief marketing office called Black Friday the Super Bowl of retail.

Some Black Friday experiences involve groups of family members sipping on to-go cups of steaming coffee, waiting to get their children’s big Christmas present 75% off. Others have experiences not unlike the running of the bulls in Pamplona. But they all involve late nights in the cold. From 2000 on, the hours have crept earlier and earlier, from Friday dawn to as early as 11pm on Thursday. The earlier these stores open the more business they get.

This year, however, the larger stores will be opening as early as 5pm on Thursday. Some news outlets attribute this year’s early opening to this year’s calendar quirk: there are six days less of shopping this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Retailers live for the holiday season. It almost makes sense to ask families to wrap up their dinners and take them to go. Next year we’re having an equally late Thanksgiving and if one retailer seems to be getting all the Christmas list shopping because it opens a few hours earlier we might be seeing a repeat next year.

However, encouraging people to shop while their families are still eating dinner isn’t going so well with many Americans. As one Facebook user put it: “I used to love shopping on Black Friday at Walmart, Unfortunately, my money will be going elsewhere this year as I choose to spend thanksgiving with my family.” Furthermore, Daily Finance reports that retailers that opened on Thursday did not see incredible sale hikes.


Will the happy deal shoppers outweigh those who do not want to shop on Thursday?

And just because I definitely was sold on some of these deals, here’s a compiled list of great Black Friday deals (via USA Today):

• Get a $100 gift card when you buy any iPad.
• iPhone 5s is selling for $179 with a two-year contract with AT&T or Verizon Wireless.
• $30 gift card when you buy an iPhone 5s.
• Samsung is offering a 55-inch, LED HDTV for $697.99, a savings of $202.
• Nikon L320 camera for $99, regularly priced at $229.99.

• LED TV will be available for $98 on Nov. 28.
• Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi 16GB is going for $299 with a complimentary $100 Walmart gift card.

• 50% or more off headphones, car electronics, tablet cases, cellphone cases, and laptop bags.

• $15 of free Kohl’s cash to spend in the store with every $50 you spend on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.
• LG 42-inch HDTV is selling for $379.99.

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