Tide: A Masterclass in Ad Development

When in doubt, trust Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With over twenty years’ moderation experience, I’ve done plenty of qualitative research involving ad testing. The key is designing creative that catches attention, communicates its message clearly, and drives the audience to act. Often, ads are entertaining or informative but fail to live up to all the elements needed to convince consumers to actually do or buy something. Worse yet, they often confuse the viewer into wondering who or what is this for? What does this have to do with the product?

Tide has released a series of ads designed to not only drive sales but encourage consumers to live more sustainably. Their recent campaign (by Saatchi & Saatchi NY) featuring Ice-T and Stone Cold Steve Austin is successful on so many levels it’s almost a masterclass in how to turn the mundane (laundry) into something interesting and compelling.

First, it grabs your attention by leveraging the visibility of Ice-T and Steve Austin and combining it with humor. Then, it uses a wide array of celebrity cameos to drive home that using cold water to wash laundry is their recommended approach. It’s also clear the creators know their target demo: Gen X. The celebrities and sports stars all hail from the 1990s and appeal to both men and women. My favorite pairing features Mr. T and Mark Messier, the greatest sports leader to ever live. Don’t believe me? Check out his resume and career.

Beyond grabbing your attention, Tide hammers home key campaign messages that make them easy to remember:

  • This is a commercial for Tide detergent
  • Tide is more effective in cold water
  • Save money by washing in cold ($100 a year)
  • Help the environment by using less energy

We all know consumers sometimes make illogical, reflexive choices, so driving consideration and purchase is key. The genius behind this campaign is that it’s not in the clutter. Viewers will come away knowing what brand it’s representing, its product benefits, sustainability messages, and how Tide detergent can improve their lives while clearly and effectively communicating the message in an entertaining and artful way.

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