Trends Shaping The Alcohol Industry

Metalworks, the research arm of WPP media agency Maxus, recently published consumer trends research and offered marketing tips to adapt to them.

Though not surprising, the study found a great consumption of craft beer. The growing movement, however, changes how consumers view liquor brands as they’re placing more value into the craftsmanship of liquor.

As tech finds itself more deeply entrenched in the industry, alcohol brands are rushing to update their reach. Everything from apps to password-protected speakeasies are becoming the norm. 

Exotic flavors are what consumers are moving towards. They are seeking experimental flavors and equally experimental marketing, such as Beringer’s flavor strips.

Absolut started it and now everyone is catching up: the bottle as an art piece. Consumers are selecting interesting bottles and using them as collectibles, often displaying them (but avoiding the college-age years of displaying bottles).

Interestingly, consumers and industry alike have embraced the health threat to alcohol consumption. They have come up with solutions to it, either through organic offers or tech solutions, such as pocket breathalyzers.

See more of the study here.

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